As most of you know, I have been fighting what I thought was a sinus infection for about 6 months. I went to see quite a few doctors in the process of getting cured. I spent about 3 months getting terrible care at the Motion Picture Clinic – “I can give you an MRI and antibiotics, or I can just give you antibiotics now. I’m sure its just a virus” and an ENT who gave me a low resolution scan in his office and proscribed me with 2 months of over-the-counter Mucinex based upon a faulty scan.

Even after not feeling any better after 3 months, my diagnoses were still coming back as a sinus infection. My symptoms were head swelling (facial edema) especially in the morning, congestion in nose, cough, soreness of the eyes, headache, difficulty sleeping, snoring, some shortness of breath, and night sweats. I finally got a better resolution scan in February which showed acute and chronic sinus infection – so we thought we were on the right track.

An allergist tested me for 100 different allergies – nada. No fungus. No bacteria. I went on a month of antibiotics and prednisone (steroids) and I felt great during that time. Bouncing off the walls, limitless energy, redecorated the apartment. But still shortness of breath after heavy lifting. And as soon as I stopped taking the prednisone, I went right back to my same symptoms.

5 months after this started and I’m worse then ever. Swelling in the neck and bulging veins across my shoulders started making my good friends nervous – and they are both nurses. Also, Jen watching my face turn purple after I did some heavy lifting while bent over wasn’t a good sign either.

Onto another doctor who took one look at my swelling neck and crystal clear sinus scans and he scheduled me for a chest x-ray, convinced that my sinuses had nothing to do with my condition. My nurse friends emphatically suggested that I go the ER – where they would not release me without figuring out what was wrong.

Computer and Starbucks in hand, I went to the UCLA Westwood Emergency Room. In that brand new shiny building full of brand new shiny doctors and nurses, they did an immediate cat scan and found a large mass in my chest (16cm x 14cm x 7cm).

And that’s the day I found out I have cancer.

In a way, a relief. I’ve been sick for a long time. Now begins to road to recovery. More soon.


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