Chemo countdown

Dr. Manhattan

With all this talk of bone marrow and BBQ ribs (mmmmm), I thought I’d also mention how my treatment is going:

6 days
6 IV pokes (4 successful)
10+ blood draws
10+ glucose pokes
5 insulin injections
6000+ ml of saline
infinite amount of saline removal
3 bags of Dexadrone steroids per day
2 Vicodin
1 shot Morphine
1 shot Adavant
1 bone marrow biopsy
1 neck biopsy
2 cat scans
1 CT/PET scan
3 cups Barium GI
Unknown amount of radioactive sugar isotopes
1 Allopurinol per day
Hospital food
Ensure protein supplement
Gallows humor

Chemo probably starts on Thursday. Still waiting for definitive test results from bone marrow and PET scans. Racking my brain trying to come up with a name for my ‘little friend’.


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