The Beach Boys present…Pet Scans

Beach Boys

Yep. Definitely got into a nasty spill on the slopes yesterday. Must have landed on the rock, bounced into a tree, down the steps and hit my ass on the bar when I landed. Mhe. Give me a Bailey’s and Coffee and I’ll be all right.

Better yet, let me wash it down with a long, cool glass of irradiated sugar water. This will show if there’s any more cancerous activity hiding out in my body this morning. After these two safety tests, it might be chemo time.

I know it will definitely be sandwich time because I can’t eat again all morning. Which brings us to this morning’s poll.

If you had to starve yourself for 12 hours to take a PET Scan, which one of the lovely animals on the Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” album cover would you eat for lunch:

1. Goat

2. Chicken

3. Deer

4. Trick question: Phil Spector would have already killed all the animals in a hastily arranged ‘suicide’ scene.

And on a final note: My brother got married in England a couple years ago by the Church of England. Now, the COE has very strict rules about the use of G*D’s name during the ceremony. Can’t say his name. Can’t allude to his name. Can’t pray to his name. I’m not exactly sure who the COE does pray to (The Queen? Johnny Rotten? Dangermouse?) but using the Big Man’s name was a no-no. Which was fine until the 2 piece band that was playing in the loft of the beautiful barn where my brother was getting married delivered their final song as my brother and his wife signed their wedding book – “GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU!!! GOD ONLY KNOWS!!! GOD ONLY KNOWS!!! GOD ONLY GOD ONLY GOD ONLY KNOWS!!!” The COE lady could have shut the thing down right there like a dated Monty Pyhon skit but she let the show go on. And God Only Knows what the hell the ‘instrumental’ band was thinking when they started singing that song.



One response to “The Beach Boys present…Pet Scans

  1. kathleen schultz

    Love the blog, very funny. Just diagnosed with Breast Cancer (44 years old), just searching around.

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