Oh look, rent’s due

Side effects may include nausea.

Side effects may include nausea.

Still cleaning up after the chemo party yesterday. I was supposed to start at 1:30pm…didn’t get the action rolling until 5:30pm…then I still hadn’t started the full treatment until Family Guy was on around 8pm. Fell asleep with a long, slow drip in my arm. The lesson – try to squeeze your treatments in-between nursing shift changes.

So what can be said about this process that hasn’t been said somewhere before? I need to shoot-up through a regular IV until they can put in a pikline. But because my veins are all clogged, we’re not sure when/if I’ll be able to get the more convenient line. I’ve been stabbed more times this past week than a bodyguard at a Rolling Stone’s concert (heey-ooo!)…but a small price to pay for the results.

One of the drugs is known as the ‘Red Devil’ and it turns your pee bright orange. One of the drugs makes your veins sting. And all of it sucks.

The doctor is impressed with my reaction so far. I’ve already dropped from “Alec Baldwin” level but still have yet to re-attain my David Duchovny status. The lump in my neck is softer, breathing is clear, swelling reduced.

Energy is up. Stomach is stable. Appetite is good. Home.

I’ve got to hide out for awhile. Keep my strength up and immunity strong. And catch up on my Tivo.

Will see you soon.


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