Hospital food

Me getting my glucose level checked.

Getting my glucose level checked.

Because its my blog and I can share anything I want to, this hospital food website just brought back memories of my unexpected 8 day trip to UCLA Santa Monica.

I checked into the ER not expecting to remain there for over a week. 3 ambulance rides. Some trips on a gurney. Many scans and whirling magnetic machines. I even got kicked out of the cafeteria because I was in pajamas and had an IV (who wouldn’t want to eat with me?)

But life in my particular Southern California hospital wasn’t that bad. I compared it to first class on a prisoner plane, ala Running Man – the bed was comfy, flat screen TV, but I couldn’t leave and I was hooked up to machines the whole time.

I consider myself very lucky. Sure, I’m going for a 2nd opinion tomorrow, but I’m staying in the UCLA healthcare system for now. The emergency staff was awesome (with some help from Fidel, my friend who was working that morning). The nurses in oncology were funny and sweet and caring. The doctor’s were efficient. The whole experience was far from perfect (thanks again for the informational brochure), but I can’t complain about the treatment.

And after my mom and her husband saw my sweet digs – view almost to the ocean, big menu available 12 hours/day, nice TV so I could watch the Flyers and Sixers lose – they have a great opinion of SoCal hospital care.

For the record, the above picture is me eating Peanut M&M’s while getting my sugar level checked. On this particular test, I was up to around 180 and had to get an insulin shot. Teach me to be the funny guy.


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