Chemo boy update

For those of you following this story, the mother has kidnapped the boy and not shown up in court.

The boy is in pain around the port in his chest and the tumor has grown back to its original size. After 1 round of chemo, the tumor had shrunk. But the mother and father decided to take him off of treatments and use only holistic treatments.

I’m all for holistic treatments – I am seeking some myself. But only as additonal support for the chemotherapy. With a success rate of 90%, I believe it would be foolish to turn down chemotherapy and radiation. Yes – the side effects and long term effects scare the s*it out me. But it is a calculated risk. A decision that I am forced to make – I am given a situation and the only control I have is how I choose to treat it.

If I had a different form of cancer – one with much lower success rate – then the scale would be tipped and holistic treatments would probably seem like more likely options. Given a 20% chance of a cure based on chemo/radiation and/or holistic treatments, it seems like either one is an option. But having a 90% success rate – well, that certainly changes things.

Again, I am lucky. Lucky that I have a condition with such a high success rate.

Daniel Hauser is also lucky – but only if his mother finds clarity somehow.


One response to “Chemo boy update

  1. yeah, when belief systems like that interfere with welfare it’s strange. Anyway, I didn’t connect this story to the one tv.

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