We have a hot tub in our building

hot tub

Hells yeah.

When you feel like a 200 year old man with achy bones, it’s time to get in the hot tub.

Jen has lived here for 13 years. She has never been in the hot tub. I have lived here for 6+ years. I have never been in the hot tub.

Are we dumb? Probably. But take a look at where it is – in the middle of the building. How odd is that? Hard to relax when half the building can see you. Or so I thought.

Even so – some of you may think we are stupid or silly for not ever using our hot tub. Well to that I say – there’s no lifeguard on duty?

I don’t know why we’ve never used it.

But now desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plans for summer: Rehab in the pool on the roof. Loosen up in the hot tub. Ride the bike in the exercise room to keep the blood pumping. Guitar Hero to keep the mind sharp and improve my terrible sense of rhythm.

This is the summer of my recovery.

I wonder how many of you are going from feeling sorry for me to being jealous of me…?


7 responses to “We have a hot tub in our building

  1. Being waited on is something that is nice (and yes, it’s deserved)! Does Jen mind the babes taking care of you like that? I live near the beach and never go. Live it up and enjoy, my friend.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Make room for us. Your Mom, Aunt Janet and I all have our bathing suits and towels all packed for our visit next week and plan to join you in the hot tub. And, on a personal note, I hope the girls pictured above are all invited to the fun!!!

  3. Well, I lived in my condo for 16 years and never went into the hot tub. You are not alone!

    Love, CD

  4. Dude!
    Cancer Steve didn’t last long. I think you are officially now to be known as ……
    ………Hot Tub Steve!

    Pools are over rated(and over chlorinated) but Hot Tubs are under utilized. Enjoy both!

  5. Debbie Downer

    Did you get the hot tub cleared with your doctor?

    I am sure the hot girls are acceptable but I question the high heat & bacteria in the tub.

    Sorry to be a downer, whaa-whaa, just looking out for your health.

    • Doctor said I was good to go. I didn’t even tell him about all the party babes.

      And no one ever uses the hot tub and they clean it like twice a month.

      Debbie – stop taking all my fun away. Next thing you’ll tell me is I have to stop eating chewing gum I find under restaurant tables. Boo.

  6. how playa is THAT!

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