9.8 Granulocytes…ah ah ah…

Dr. Klein

Dr. Klein

We went to see Dr. Klein today. My blood tests are better than normal. I am a white blood cell count making factory right now. Thanks Nueopogen! All that pain was worth it, I guess.

For those of you keeping score at home, here are my counts (the numbers on the right are the ‘normal’ range so you can see I’m above normal on some counts):

WBC          12.4        4.1 – 10.9

LYM          1.8          0.6 – 4.1

MID          0.9          0.0 – 1.8

GRAN       9.8          2.0 – 7.8

Today I feel like I played a game of beach volleyball insted of a game of tackle football. I had so much pain in my hips and lower back that I was up at 4 am. And if you’re ever up at 4 am on a Thursday morning and you want to know what’s on TV, the answer is: nothing. Don’t bother. Read a book. You can always buy a Shamwow later. Go back to bed.

The other thing I had to deal with today was telling Dr. Klein about how the UCLA Cancer Center completely screwed up everything in one week. On Monday, the nurse didn’t have me on her schedule for my shot and we had a 45 minute wait. Then she told me they might not even have the Neupogen because no one had ordered my medicine and they had to scramble to even get my prescription filled – even though it was Monday and the doctor had ordered it last Thursday. Not to mention the 2+ hours Jen had to spend on the phone to get the insurance approval and get the pharmacy to ship out the medicine after they had already done all their shipments for the day.

I have a favorite saying: If I did my job like you do your job, I wouldn’t have a job.

Sure it’s a bit snotty, but if I don’t do my job correctly then the work of over a hundred people and tens of thousands of dollars is gone forever. If a nurse (or nurses and receptionists) don’t do their job at the UCLA Cancer Center, then sick people get worse.

It’s one thing to have a bump in the road, an isolated problem. It is another thing to run into the brick wall of having no less than 3 people completely screw up and stress out a cancer patient. If the UCLA Cancer Center was a Jiffy Lube, I would not bring my car to them.

So, I am very close to switching my care to the UCLA Lymphoma Center in Westwood. Not because I don’t like my doctor (and isn’t he adorable in that little doctor outfit and glasses?) but because I was misdiagnosed for 6 months and I don’t trust any medical personnel right now.

Oh yeah, and my hair is starting to fall out. Sigh.

But I’m healthy and getting better every day.

At least I don’t have to take the bone-shaking Neupogen shots this week. Maybe I should be more like Dr. Klein and learn to relax a little bit?

Dr. Klein the cowboy

Dr. Klein says "Yee-ha!"


11 responses to “9.8 Granulocytes…ah ah ah…

  1. Don’t feel bad about complaining. I think you definitely should make your concerns clear to your doctor and nip it in the bud. It’s your health. Relate what you just wrote here, even more exactly, and tell him you will move on if he doesn’t get on these people. I mean, it’s hard to move to a different treatment center once you’ve started, so I would “give them a second chance” if the doc says he will do it. If not, it’s important for you to do what is the best. Rock on brother!

  2. Kiwi Jon, Misspelt Cris & lil M.

    Hey Steve, Sounds like your medical care has been run by a bunch of Muppets….. though is the fault with the muppet or the metaphorical arm ups its backside – the beureaucracy? Two hours on the phone to get signoff for a scheduled treatment is ridiculous – what do they think – that you are dropping in for an extra treatment just for the fun of it?!

    Get better soon.


    PS….still can´t shake the Tim Westwood association every time you mention your neighbourhood – does the UCLA Lymphoma Centre have a pounding bass playing over the intercom and doctors shouting “wicked man” ? Pow pow puew BOOM!

    • He stole Westwood from us. Make him give it back.

      Way to take the muppet reference and make it a metaphor, J. I just thought it was a funny photo of a cute little blue fella.

  3. Ugh, and I actually had a doctor leave his office to go to an All Star Game cause I was 5 min late (traffic) getting my sick son to an emergency app’t! Shocking! All Stars 1 Baby 0 The entire medical profession needs a huge wake up call! We are the sick peons who are at THEIR mercy. Not the way it should be!

  4. yeah that has to be a special kind of bureaucratic hell, but the devil you know can be better then the devil you don’t. Hopefully they have some modicum of professionalism and they work to treat you better in the future, otherwise I’m available for random acts of violance.

    • I don’t know if busting up their office Wrestlemania style would help. Plus, Jen would do it way before you’d show up. I thought she was going to jump over the reception desk and go after one guy when he looked at me like he’d never seen me before – after being there for 45 minutes.

      I’m told this kind of stuff is run-of-the-mill for long term treatment. I refuse to settle.

  5. At least you’re not the ShamWow guy to whom you refer:
    though he is in one of my current youtube favorites:

    It took me four posts and two computer to get over a youtube bug.. perseverance pays off.
    Be well, hair is for losers from the past. Bald heads are the future.


  6. Stephen, your strength, courage and carisma is awesome, inspiring and nothing short of extraordinary. Never loose faith, beat this..!
    ( I’m sorry to hear that Apple failed you, I have been a Mac for as long as I can remember (computerwise that is) I started with Photoshop 1.0 and I don’t lie when I say that I have not had to reboot my system moore than 10 times in all those years. It must have something to do with the Intel inside…;-) Anyway, keep on blogging, you know what I mean..!

  7. Oops, your problem with Apple must have something with the new Intel inside, that is…

  8. I degress, I can’t spell or write the right words anymore,
    Oops, your problem with Apple must have something with the new Intel inside to do, that is…

    Finally, I got it right… I think..

  9. digress, , of course…
    Over and out…

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