My friend Flickr

Me and my pet IV. I think I'll name him 'Drippy'.

Me and my pet IV. I think I'll name him 'Drippy'.

Between myself, Jen and a couple of photographer friends of mine, I decided to try to document my cancer treatment in photos. I’m a photographer – it’s just my nature.

A warning – I am trying to document this “warts and all”. My intent isn’t to be shocking or exploitative. Merely to communicate my progress and experiences.

Some of the photos are lighthearted. Some of them may be a little difficult for certain people. Especially if you don’t like needles. Or seeing me with tubes stuck in my arms.

But I leave it up to you whether you want to see any photos. They are arranged as thumbnails so you can pick and choose individual photos instead of seeing the whole set at once.

You have been warned.

On the right side of this page I have added a Flickr link to my photoset.

Also, here is the link:

My best to all. #3 countdown has begun.


4 responses to “My friend Flickr

  1. Drippy, come here boy!

    I should tell you that he wants treats.

    I’ll be visiting your photo set.

  2. Very nice photos. Glad to see your face has de-poofed! Not so glad to see so many bruises and other not-so-fun looking doctory stuff.

  3. Good photos. Tough subject matter. It is very brave of you to tackle this head-on and document the experience. This is raw life on a plate of pixels. Go Steve-O, go!!!

  4. Hello Captan!

    You’re amazing me with this site. (exceptional writing by the way.) Very glad things are looking so positive, does not surprise me in the least you solider you! May I call you, “Mr. One Third Shrunk” for the time being?

    Of course you do not want to hear this but, you are inspiring us. Soldier on my friend!!

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