Cancer quote of the day

My veins are filled once a week with a Neapolitan carpet cleaner distilled from the Adriatic and I am as bald as an egg. However, I still get around and am mean to cats. – John Cheever

No cats in sight.

No cats in sight.


10 responses to “Cancer quote of the day

  1. You get around, too, right? How confined are you? Do you have to completely avoid people for a long time, through and past all chemo?

    Cats must die.

    • I can go out and about. It all depends on my energy level and my white blood cell counts (WBC).

      So far, I am wiped out the weekend after chemo. Feel better by Tuesday. But then Neupogen shots kick in and I’m sore – but I can go out.

      If my WBC stay low but close to normal, I just have to be careful around crowds and stay clean. No hugs and kisses. Avoid dirty bars.

      If my WBC drops scary low (below 2), I need to stay in the house and avoid almost everybody.

      As long as I am healthy and up for it, I can go out, see movies, visit, etc.

      I also don’t like going too far from home right now…just in case.

      Why? Do you want to catch a movie sometime?

      • If I get up to LA, sure. But I’ll be with you in spirit 8@). Is there anything I can send you guys, like dine-in food once a week? Maybe Chinese and a movie?

  2. How you must miss those hugs and kisses in dirty bars! I know I do. Lots of love from us and the gals. We’re very proud of you and Jen and thinking of you both from beautiful Berlin xxxxx
    P.S. I am up at 6am watching ‘Higgledy Piggledy House’ – God help me!
    P.P.S. Cats? AJ?

  3. Steve Hollywood! it’s been a while…i’ve been checking your blog ever since Les shared the news…i’m finally posting a comment to let you know that you’ve been in my daily prayers …very glad to hear you found a great doctor…keep the positive vibes going and keep fighting…much love from NYC!!!

  4. Hey, don’t forget little Sara the now pampered cat. Little AJ was a good cat, except the time he climbed up on top of the curtain rod – remember that? Missing you and Jen and so happy your WBC counts are up. Hey, chatted with Rhys Millen at Drifting on Saturday! Mention Jen’s name and he was “oh, yeah”…..really nice guy! Love you guys!!!

  5. You know my Dad always said “The only good cat is a flat cat” but I’m not going to say that on your blog because that might upset all the cat people out there. I don’t hate cats, I just love dogs better 🙂

    Happy Monday xxx

  6. Steve did you ever work up the nerve to look in the box with AJ’s ashes…. to see if there were two big eyes staring back at you? and what became of the life saving lamp? I need it for my Gold fish.
    Word on the street is that Sara is loving her life….

    • Morbid. I leave AJ be. He’s happy as a bookend. As for Sara – she doesn’t write, she doesn’t call. She’s an ungrateful child who grew into an ungrateful adult cat. I miss her.

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