Jen Scared The Helicopter Away

I wanted to mention something amazing that happened yesterday. If it also shows you how amazing my wife is, then so be it…

There have been Iranian protests at the Federal Building about 2 blocks from our apartment almost every day. Large crowds gather, they block traffic, people honk their horns until 11pm at night and it generally screws things up on Wilshire.

Now, we have no problem with protests. Even if you want to do it in front a building that has actually no connection to the thing you’re protesting about. I’m all for protests. I’ve been part of a few.

But maybe not by my apartmennt…every night…for a couple of weeks…with bullhorns…and cars racing down the street with flags on them. Maybe it’s a bit much for the neighbors at some point? Like all day on a Sunday? Just saying.

This was an extra big protest. They closed a lane or two on Wilshire. I think a few hundred people came out for it. My crowd estimates are largely based on how much parking everyone took up – but there was definitely enough people to make a real impact on the corner of Wilshire and Veteran.

The weirdest part was a helicopter that kept circling overhead. At 10am it was circling. I didn’t think too much of it in the morning – figured it was a police helicopter or press. We went out for the day when the protest was just ramping up…

…and we returned when it was breaking up a few hours later. And we could see the helicopter – still flying in circles over our apartment building and coming darn close to the office buildings that are across the street from us. We watched it fly around for a few minutes – it would come in low over our building every 2 minutes or so…over and over again. Also, it didn’t have any markings on it – just a black helicopter flying low over our apartment for hours.

Super-community activist and super-spy Jen Berry was on the case. She called the police department and got shooed off. She looked online for more contact information. She finally called the FAA Emergency Number for the Los Angeles area (she got the number off their website) and a guy actually answered the phone.

Whoever this guy was with the FAA – he thought an unmarked black helicopter flying low over houses and coming within 100 feet of the office buildings was also strange. He’s look into it.

Jen and I took our binoculars up to the roof to get a better look at this mysterious copter. The people sunning themselves didn’t seem to mind that the two of us were running back and forth along the pool and watching the helicopter through binoculars. Maybe if we brought the camera we could have attracted some attention…

About 15 minutes after Jen called, another helicopter came in from the direction of LAX. As this new helicopter got closer, our mystery copter flew off. We’re not sure what was going on up in the sky…but we do know this: Jen Scared The Helicopter Away.

And that’s the kind of care I’m receiving.



7 responses to “Jen Scared The Helicopter Away

  1. Well, if the government is actually responsible, as it seems with black helicopters, they know better than to mess with a clearly British MI6 agent (as is noteworthy on her passport picture). Lady Berry is one tough cookie.

  2. Joe & Lee (mom)

    Yeah for Jen!!
    Make that 1 for Jen and 0 for the black helicopter. We always knew you were in good hands.

  3. great story.

  4. Bald Headed Mike

    That’s the best story I have ever heard. Jen is my hero! Steve is my cuddle monster!

  5. sounds like a make over from Burbank but better…… congrats Jen!!!!! Yeah!!! Steve
    together you’re winners!!!

  6. Impressive. Awesomely so.

  7. Jen rocks! 🙂

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