People are awesome

I feel good today.

Check that – I feel great today.

My usual chemo-zombie-sicky feeling cleared up by Sunday night (after a long Sunday afternoon nap). I woke up this morning with a desire for coffee – which is usually the first sign that my body is returning to normal.

Also, the problem with my portacath shouldn’t be a big deal. It should just be a surface infection that is supposed to clear up with the help of some antibiotics. The doctors are hoping that I can start getting chemo in the port by my next treatment. Nothing is for certain, but I’ll take a little good news.

Why else do I feel good today? I feel good because I spent most of last week feeling bad. Hitting the half way point of chemo left me feeling like there was a lot of fight behind me…and still a lot more fight left to come. It left me feeling exhausted and anxious. It left me feeling a bit sorry for myself. The rollercoaster that is my cancer treatment had hit a dip.

But mostly I feel good today because a lot of other people have taken the time to make me feel good. A friend at work asked about me – someone I didn’t even know was aware of my treatments. That was very nice of him.

I got a great postcard in the mail from friends in Spain. And an unexpected card signed by some friends and strangers from New York.

I got good news on my blog from a fellow Hodgkin’s patient that I’ve never met. I heard from my Hodgkin’s buddy that I met in the hospital when this all began. And another cancer survivor friend just keeps on keeping on – reminding me that this to will pass.

I feel good today because I have so many more reasons for feeling good than feeling bad.

And I want you all to know that when I have to take a deep breath and give myself a shot – I think of all of you. When I think of my next treatment and my stomach flips over – I’ll think of all those strangers in New York who are rooting for me. Port or no port – when the needles come, I’ll think of my fellow Hodgkin’s patients. I think of my family and friends and fellow cancer patients and strangers who have taken an interest.

I feel good today because its Monday and I’m getting better and people are awesome.

Thanks for being awesome.

Almost - but not quite - how I feel today.



10 responses to “People are awesome

  1. Thank YOU for being awesome! Thinking of you often. I am glad you are having a good day 🙂

  2. Moo says hello and that she is still afraid of the Creature from the Black Lagoon….but that she loves you cuz you can never tell her no.
    I am glad you are half way through chemo and having a good day. I will be there with donuts hanging off the end of a fishing pole if things get tough and you need motivation. XO from the nieces and me of course!

  3. NO! You’re the man! NO! You’re the man!
    (adapted from Family Guy)

    Awesome, buddy! Attitude and outlook makes you so!

  4. I stumbled across your blog when looking up the prospect of getting a port put in and after reading that post, read your entire set of archives.

    I am also hanging out with Mr. Hodgkins much more than I’d like to be and I can’t tell you how helpful it has been to read your blog and realize that I’m not the only one going through this and that all the crazy things happening to my body are being dealt with by others too.

    I’m 27 years old and was whopped with a sudden stage 4b Hodgkin’s diagnosis in May. I have my fifth chemo treatment on Thursday and am pushing my way through 12 so we’re in a very similar place right now. I can completely relate to the good vs. bad days, the emotional and physical roller coaster.

    I’ve also been keeping a blog since my diagnosis if you’re interested in checking it out … I’m telling you, even though we’ve never met, it’s eerie how similar our stories are. My thoughts are with you and I’ll certainly be checking in with each new post! Keep on keeping on! We’ll get through this cancer junk.

  5. I’m not sure I would classify that picture as the vision of awesome.

  6. Steve,
    Thinking of you and how awesome you are and how we all love you so much.
    Can’t wait until you are all well and we can all go for another trip to Brasil!

  7. trying to not be offended that the postcard from Spain was lumped into paragraph VII along with postcard from strangers or perhaps you receive a steady flow of postcards from Spain

  8. Very glad it was a good day!
    Remember that if you feel like crap (or have the occasional day when you’re *not* bombarded with postcards and well-wishes), smile! It releases endorphins that make you feel better! (I think maybe even fake grins count…)
    We, out here in the internets, are rooting for you! 🙂

  9. Steve, it’s great to hear you so upbeat and in good spirits…. to have you feel good. Makes us all smile. Right everyone? Love you and Jen

  10. Kind of bummed now that I didn’t think to send you a postcard with a Koala or Sydney Harbour on it now, maybe I too could have made paragraph VII!


    Glad you feel better 🙂

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