Words from the big chair #6

Hello again all.

Sorry it takes me more time between blog posts. I find it harder and harder to sit down and organize my thoughts. Between treatments, all I want to do is forget about the next treatment. And writing down my experiencs is a way for me to relive each past treatment or stoke my anxiety about the next one. So, although I want to share my experiences with all of you – please be patient with me.

Treatment #7 went well. I was able to use my portacath for the first time. It still isn’t completely healed due to the stitches, but the nurse worked around it and it was a pleasure not having to get chemo through an IV in my arms.

I still felt nauseaous during the first parts of the process – all nerves. What was once kind of ‘new’ experience or even a little ‘exciting’ is now stressful for me. I know this is means-to-an-end…but just walking into the infusion center causes my stomach to drop. I think it has something to do with the illogical notion that the people who are caring for me are actually making me sicker. Can’t I just take a week of antibiotics and call it a day?

They shot me up with a lot of Benedryl and I slept through the entire infusion – which was the best way to deal with it. I basically slept away most of the weekend. I’m preparing myself that this is going to get harder as it goes along and I have to be mentally prepared to take it easy for the long weekends until I start to feel better after each treatment.

And this weekend was the worst so far – a lot more nausea than I’ve had before. Part of me thinks that I have begun slacking on my nutrition and diet. Two pieces of pizza for dinner on Sunday night was not supportive of having a healthy digestivie system – and I paid the price. My goal for this week is to fill the house with healthy fruits and vegetables and go back to eating plain, nutritious meals in the house.

In the meantime, I try to sleep as much as possible – its the easiest way to pass the time. I’m not much good if I’m feeling sick all day, so I try to nap it off. Its a good thing I was a champion sleeper before my treatments started. I feel like I’ve been preparing my whole life of napping for this very moment. This is my Tour de France of sleeping.

My next milestone is a PET scan in a couple of weeks, after my next treatment. This will tell me how the cancer cells are reacting to the ABVD. In a perfect situation, I could already be in remission and there’s no sign of cancer cells. Otherwise, the cancer could be on the run. Or we could have to adjust treatment if the cancer has stopped reacting so well. The PET scan will tell all.

My health is good overall. My hair is magically still hanging on my head and refuses to go away completely. I am focused on rest, relaxation and recovery for the next couple of months.

5 more treatments. Final chemo on October 1st. I count the days.


7 responses to “Words from the big chair #6

  1. Bald Headed Mike

    Keep up the good work Kid. Stay Strong and sleepy. Oh and if you have a hard time getting to sleep. Just think about when you played me in UFC, only because I’ll put you to sleep. ohhhhhh snaaaaaaaaap! 😉

  2. stephen i am back in business. my new email is above. finally able to check out your blog – my computer at work is restricted. Now that i am back in email land i will be checking in on you from time to time. It was great talking to you on Sunday. I forgot to ask you – did you get my package that i sent you?? Hang in there Stephen – you have now passed the midway point – keep up your strength and eat healthy – pizza sounds good to me though – Love you Stephen – i’ll check in again in a couple of days.

  3. you’re over the hump! now we know you’re a superhero.

  4. Steve, you are your mother’s son. You get your gift of sleep from her. I’ve never seen one sleep better or longer. Anyways, hang in there. I know it gets harder with each treatment but at least your on the home stretch now and continue to keep on beating the crap out the those cancer cells.

  5. Steve, as we said, it’s those tough Italian genes in you. Goes deep into the hair follicles. Next you’ll be wearing the open shirts to show your remaining chest hair and have a couple gold necklaces around your neck! Looks like you inherited my love of sleep AND sinuses. You are doing great, so strong and positive. Your Italian determination will keep kicking cancer ass! Love you and Jen very much!

  6. Don’t apologize – blog on your schedule not ours. This chapter of your life is all about focusing your energy on getting healthy.

    On the nutrition front – bottom line, you are what you eat.

    I know that I sound like a broken record but I think it is so important to your overall health and ability to weather the chemo storm – fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, fruit, veggies, water, and finally – fruit, veggies, and some water.

  7. Hang in there Steve. You’re a rock star!

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