The Good Kind

This is a post for anyone reading this who has dealt with Hodgkin’s Disease. This post is just for you and me.

Screw the people who tell us we have the ‘good kind’ of cancer.

I’ve read this before on other Hodgkin’s blogs. And I’m guilty of saying it myself as a way to get people to stop pitying me.

Yesterday I went in for some tests of my heart and my lungs. One of the techs asked me what I was getting tested for, and when I told him I had Hodgkin’s he said: “At least that’s the easy one.”

Yeah. I wanted to punch him in the face. I told him that I had already been through 6 months of chemo, a month of radiation and stent surgery and now I was back getting another biopsy. He seemed to shrink back a little bit. But I let him off the hook by saying, “You mean Hodgkin’s is the most curable.” And he perked right back up.

Well – screw him. And screw anybody who talks about something that they don’t know a damn thing about. Just offer your support and move on. Don’t try to diagnose me to make yourself feel better.

It’s this attitude that I’m taking with me to the hospital tomorrow.

‘nuf said.


5 responses to “The Good Kind

  1. Amen.

  2. I agree! The Good kind? Screw them! People do say things so they won’t feel. I feel like a Doctor should say, ” Hey this must suck, let me do what’s necessary so you can get back to normal.”

    • Ah! True. However, what is a patient supposed to say when a doctor (or anyone) says they are ‘not normal’? One particular person in my life kept saying that I have to beat this so I can get back to being normal. It really upset me after awhile…as if I was going to be able to forget the whole experience.

      I’m not bagging on you personally, Crystal. Not at all. Showing compassion is a complicated process. And yes, I agree that most people talk to make themselves feel better. Which is okay at a certain level – you have to say something.

      I don’t have the answers. I only have an idea of what to say to a person who has Hogkin’s Disease, not any other type of cancer, diabetes, AIDS or anything else. I’m no better than anyone else at all this.

      I do like to collect all the kind words that people send me, though. It helps a lot.

  3. Thanks for this. Couldn’t be more true. I just stumbled upon your blog. Truly entertaining and insightful. As a recent Hodgkin’s survivor, I plan to keep visiting.

    Take care,

  4. That’s so true. I’m dealing with people who are trying not to diagnose me but giving me reasons for why I have NHL. I have the non-Hodgkins. Too skinny, didn’t eat enough, kharma for past life, not speaking happy thoughts to my cells *&)&*^( Not sure if you had to deal with this. Half the battle is fortifying the mind and yes, the well it’s curable just a bit of treatment and you’ll come out the other end. F*&^&

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