This just in – hospital food hasn’t changed in the past year

Hello all. Quick update.

The surgery went pretty well on Wednesday. The doctor was able to go into my side with cameras and remove two good samples – one from near my lung and one from near my heart. The pathologist said that these samples contained enough tissue for them to perform a few tests on. At that point, my surgeon decided not to pursue the much more invasive thoracic surgery and he stopped at getting the two samples. There is still a lot of scar tissue, infection and ‘unusual’ tissue in the samples – we just have to wait and see.

I’ve got an epidural to help with the pain. The surgeon was able to drain the fluid around my heart and I’ve had a chest tube for the past couple of days. Uncomfortable but I can deal.

Most of my pain actually comes from my right shoulder and upper back from my arm being strapped down over my head for the 3 hour procedure. The epidural doesn’t do anything for this pain so the nurses give me the occasional dose of Diloted. They are all about pain management while I’m in the hospital. Most of the time it makes me sleepy and I nod off pretty regularly.

I slept better last night and my strength is slowly coming back. I don’t have a good idea of how long my recovery will take – I’ve got a pretty good sized incision in my right side and a lot of soreness so I think I’ll be out of action for a few weeks.

And then, we have to get the biopsy results – which won’t be until next week. I still don’t have any clear idea if it is an infection or Hodgkin’s or something else. One step at a time.

I should get out of the hospital tomorrow. In the meantime, it is time for World Cup and Gatorade and slow walks around the hallway.

Will see you soon.


9 responses to “This just in – hospital food hasn’t changed in the past year

  1. Good to hear you are moving around. Viva Brasil! Love you guys.

  2. Good to hear from you. Doesn’t sound like you’re having much fun. At least you have the World Cup as a good distraction. (Go Germany!) Has anyone brought you a vuvuzela yet? I’m sure the hospital would love that.

  3. You might be out of action for a few weeks but then you’ll have a 100 mph fastball from your arm being clipped around your head and you’ll play for the Cubs and have Gary Busy as your manager.

    Ain’t life grand!!!!! Still rooting, still cheering and willing to intentionally handball at the goal line for the team.

  4. Hang in there Stevo

  5. You will be fine Dickter.

  6. Mr. Hodgekins is a raging b-hole. This one time I raked all his leaves for him and he paid me with pepperoni pizza slices.

  7. Have I told you lately that,
    I LOVE DICKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  8. Go Steve….You make my kidney thing play like Disneyland. xxx

  9. eleanorinfante

    hey kiddo. just wanted to send yah some love from jolly old england. brett and i watched holland kick uruguay’s butt last night. miss you much and i imagine that the hospital food is probably better than some english food especially in the outer regions of the country. give jen a kiss for me.

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