Unplugged…with diagnosis

Here’s a quick message to let you know that…

1. I am away on vacation for a week.

2. When I return, I will begin more treatments for my Hodgkin’s Disease. The ABVD and radiation last year didn’t quite get every cell and we have to go to Round 2.

Round 2 consists of a couple rounds of hi-dose chemo, which will take a couple of months. Then they harvest stem cells from my blood. Next, they mega-dose me with chemo to kill all the active Hodgkin’s cells, which also results in destroying my immune system. Finally, they inject me with my own stem cells to rebuild my immune system.

I begin treatment on July 21. A great reason for Jen and I to get away for a week.

I know you must have a million questions. I have a million questions myself.

But for now I am turning off, tuning out and unplugging from all this.

Talk to you soon.


3 responses to “Unplugged…with diagnosis

  1. I’m right there with you to answer any questions or just to be there to share frustration with. It’s a tough road but there is an other side and you will get to it. Enjoy this time away together!

  2. Just checking on you. Hoping you and Jen are enjoying your vacation.

  3. Hey Hey Yo Yo – Hope you had a fantabulous vacay with your gorgeous wife!!

    Sending you good vibes that the first treatment goes well.



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