Clare & Pablove

So many people offering me their support. So many people asking me what they can do for me.

Here you go: Our good friend Clare works for Pablove (Curing Childhood Cancer With Love). She is self-sacrificing, kind, funny, hip and cute as all get out. Inspired by Pablove and wanting to ‘do something’, this year Clare is running her first marathon. Also, she is doing it in my honor.

Hopefully, she won’t forever associate my name with leg cramping, dehydration and pain. And I look forward to being there in March to give her cups of water and meet her on the finish line with a big hug.

You can help by pledging money to Pablove via Clare’s LA Marathon website:

Clare Gillmore: Raising Money For the Pablove Foundation

Clare and I will see you on the finish line…

Thanks and much love.


5 responses to “Clare & Pablove

  1. go clare!!!!!!!

    i can ride and ride and ride….but running—that’s haaaaaaard stuff!

    i’m in awe of your goal clare!

  2. Many great wishes for her and your success.

  3. I love Clare!! What a great friend. And I know that mural!! Is Clare from Palo Alto??

    • R- Actually Clare is from West Virginia. She is a friend of ours through commercial production. I doubt you know her. But that doesn’t mean you should love her any less. I bet that mural made you miss Silver Lake…

  4. Haha! Rachelle, I’m actually from southwestern Virginia, not West Virginia, and yes, that’s the mural you’re thinking of near The Counter Burger in Palo Alto. One week until race day!!!

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