The Mission is Remission

Yo all.

Let’s start with big news first, shall we?

I found out on Friday that I’m in remission. I don’t have details – I meet with the doctor on Thursday to go over my scan. But this does mean that I’m right on course and we can move ahead with the stem cell treatment sooner rather than later. Let’s take a moment to say “HELL YEAH!” shall we?

I’ve got my 3rd chemo next week. Then my team and I will get ready for the stem cell process – first harvesting, then I go in hospital for BEAM chemo and finally reintroduce my stem cells. I’m hoping for mid-end of October to get all of this done.

The hardest part is yet to come. The stem cell process is going to be quite difficult – from the isolation for 3 weeks to the physical toll it will take on my body. Also, I will be immuno-deficient for some time afterward, which will put me at risk for catching disease and infection. Sounds like good times.

But one step at a time. I’ve been basking in the glow of my good news. It has been hugely motivating to know that all the pain I’ve been going through is worth it. A big shout out goes to my oncologist and her team for staying on top of all my side-effects – big and small – and keeping up with my blood work and general well being.

I also started grad school yesterday, which is also a big kick in the ass. The school is hugely supportive and I feel cool and comfortable beginning this process, even with such a daunting medical schedule in front of me. I’ll be Skyped in to classes that I will miss and my professors have put into place an excellent support system for me. Taking a class this semester is the best decision I could have made for myself – both in the short term and the long term.

I don’t know what else to say. What can I put in this blog to adequately describe how good I’m feeling these days? In remission. Life moving forward. I’ve got some fatigue and bone pain, but it is all manageable. So I’m enjoying the good days because there are bad days ahead.

I’m happy to share this good news with you. And I’m at a loss how to end such an awesome blog post.

So I give you Chewbacca on a giant squirrel fighting Nazi’s (courtesy of Deviantart’s gamefan84):


20 responses to “The Mission is Remission

  1. Rock on man! I sent a leprechaun riding a unicorn to sprinkle pixie dust over you.

  2. Great News, Stephen! Will be thinking about you as I walk with Team in Training this weekend. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Rock on~!!! Will bask in the glow with you anytime!

  4. Excellent news all around! I’m so glad to hear it! That’s AWESOME!

  5. It’s all finally coming together for you, Steve. Trust the upswings in life too.

  6. Hell Yes, Fuck Yes! This is great fing news! xoxo to you and Jen

  7. Awesome!!!

  8. I knew you’d do it. You just keep soldiering on like
    the Nazi fighting, heroic Chewbacca astride
    a giant squirrel that I’ve always know you to be sir!

  9. Hell to the giant YEAH!!!
    You rock, big dude!
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! CD

  10. awesome news. you are really inspiring.

  11. Yah remission! Check that off. Glad to hear you reached that milestone. Keep the great attitude.

  12. The long and difficult fight. Remission. Stem Cell. Cure. OMG, I can smell success! Excellent news! It MUST happen. So many things swirling in my mind. ALL positive and good. You, son, are one hell of a fighter! And, with your fair maiden by your side, anything is possible in life. Love ‘ya Son, Mom

  13. Christine Venart

    That’s awesome news! Very happy to hear it!

  14. Steve,
    Glad to hear the good news!!!!

  15. Those stem-squirrels will obliterate the immuno-deficienazis.

  16. That’s awesome Steve!

  17. I am basking in the glow right along with you…YAY!!!!! We heart you ….

  18. AMEN!!!!!!

  19. Great to hear the progress! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

  20. Whooo! Thinking of you both and sending lots of love.

    – Brianna and Ewan

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