Day 6/-3

Hello all.

I’m still handling the chemo well. Tomorrow is my last day for chemo infusion. Ever. You hear that – LAST CHEMO EVER!

So I’m pretty excited to put chemo behind me. I’m done with this. Last year was a thrill. This year was a bit of a pain in the ass. Now I’m for the big kill and I think its time I put this behind me. So, sayonara chemo.

Besides some queasiness and a couple small side effects, I’m feeling rather well. The doctor’s have started to warn me that the worst is yet to come. But I’ve faced down the side effects before…and I’ll do it again.

The two high points of my day are taking a bath (no one can bother me in there) and crossing off a day on the calendar. Thought I’d share:

I won't give you a photo of me in the bath, thank you very much

Tomorrow makes day 7. If I stick to my schedule, that means that I’ll be a third of the way to home.

Some other good news: the charge nurse told me today that room 6111 is special – everyone in this room goes into remission. And I don’t think he was bullshitting me.

And the Eagles won.

I’ll take all the hope and good news I can get.

Lots of love to you all. Thanks for all the supportive comments and messages.



6 responses to “Day 6/-3

  1. Strength to you! Good to hear. I hope too that the room is just part of positive tidings. Love to you and Jen.

  2. Yay! Last chemo ever! Yay! Lucky Room! Me, Scott, Oscar and Focus miss you! Hugs from afar.

  3. woohoo to no more chemo! so glad to hear things are progressing well Stevo.

  4. You just continue to soldier on like a bad ass, making us all proud! As a sign of my admiration for your grace in the battle, I hereby pledge to support your Eagles against all opposition this season, except of course when my mighty mighty Giants line up against them! All the best Mr. Dickter.

  5. I think you are amazing and in reading your post I find YOU ARE AN EAGLES FAN. Me too. No wonder you are so strong. Thoughts a nd prayers still with you! Goodbye Chemo.

  6. GO BIRDS!

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