Too Young For Cancer

Here is an important article (brought to me by the lovely and strong Karin Diamond at

Americans between the age of 15 – 39 who are diagnosed with cancer are underrepresented in the medical community. Whether through their ability to handle stronger treatment and raise their success rates or through misdiagnosis (a very common problem, I can attest).

If you have an interest in young people with cancer, this article is definitely worth your read. An amazing perspective. That makes me – and my fellow cancer patients – not feel so crazy after all.

Too Young For Cancer and Demanding Action – WSJ


5 responses to “Too Young For Cancer

  1. I think it’s great that you didn’t ignore symptoms like some of those your age, as the article says other young people do. Hi5 bro in law.

  2. Very interesting article. Makes a lot of sense. Now, how to get a cultural change in the treatment and diagnosing of the 15-39 age set…..? Hmm, food for thought.

  3. Steve, very interesting article. Thank God you were persistant in getting a correct diagnosis. I know it wasn’t easy as each Dr you saw early on did not seem to want to look beyond what they thought was an infection of some sort.

  4. hey Stevo, the New Yorker this week has an article (and live chat) about cancer from Steven Shapin that’s worth a gander:

  5. Having been diagnosed with Hodgkins right around my 26th birthday, this article was really interesting to read. It makes me so glad that I didn’t ignore what was going on just because I was so young… Thanks for passing it along!

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