Day 22/+13 = Freedom

I go home today.

My counts have been steadily rising for the past few days. I haven’t had any fevers the entire time I’ve been here. I’m off the antibiotics. I go home today. Whew.

My little stem cells are fusing with my bone marrow and pumping out fresh white blood cells. My red blood count is still low. My platelets are very low. I’ll be getting fresh infusions over the next few weeks until things stabilize.

How to sum up the past 3 weeks? The food is not great. I had to really mellow out in order to deal with a lot of time spent in my room. Call Of Duty: Black Ops was a blessing to get me through the past week. I didn’t spend as much time on schoolwork as I should’ve. I’m tired of people coming into my room every hour. I’m tired of being woken up at 4am to have my blood drawn. I’m tired of doctors and nurses waking me up at 7am to ask me how I’m feeling (the answer is always the same: sleepy). I’m quite relieved that I didn’t have mouth sores like I expected.

Now I’m severely immuno-compromised. My  body doesn’t have the antibodies it once had and I’m very susceptible to infection, viruses and other nasty things. I have to avoid crowds. Avoid sick people. Avoid little kids. Avoid pets. Wash my food thoroughly. Go to matinees. Use lots of hand sanitizer. Wear a mask if I’m worried about being around a lot of people. Basically, I need to use a lot of common sense.

In addition to all that, I’m pretty anxious. They said it might happen. I’m a little scared. I’ve been cooped up here for 3 weeks, but I’ve also been under 24 hour care. I haven’t had to worry about anything else but my health. I’ve avoided lots of phone calls and responsibility. I feel like getting out of here will be a little overwhelming for a few days until I readjust. But I know everything will calm down, especially if I stay healthy and fever free.

That’s the scoop. I’m waiting for the doctor to come in and give me my marching orders. Jen has been taking bags of stuff home the past couple of days so I should be able to walk out of here with my computer, blanket, pillow and Playstation.

As always, thanks for all the love and support over the past few days, weeks, months and years. I look forward to seeing you soon.


13 responses to “Day 22/+13 = Freedom

  1. We’ll be listening and hoping for the best, Steve. Love you guys.

  2. Congratulations! And Happy Thanksgiving! Another milestone on the road to cure reached. Have a great night’s sleep.

  3. Exciting news and Happy Thanksgiving. One step at a time and I know you are getting impatient, but we all love you and Jen, and so happy you can spend time at home for the holidays.

  4. Gooble! Gooble!

  5. You must be feeling a little “coal miner” right now, but get to what you want as you can. The world will wait for you to show up when you’re good ‘n ready in whatever party hat feels best.

  6. Even after 3 weeks I ‘ll bet Jen still had to wait patiently in the car while you finished up the “Victor Charlie” level on COD: Black Ops!

  7. Hey Steve it’s me jojo! How’s freedom been treating you so far? U haven’t come back so must be good. Guess what? Today i am 8 and my ANC is .7!!!!! Yup I am going home…tomorrow tho they said they have to finish the antibiotics. I am so excited I was praying all night for my wbc’s to go up bec they were .09 and I needed .3 to get an ANC #. Well god must of heard me bec I am leaving! I did it! It’s over!!!!! Say hi to jen for me, she is so nice!!
    Hope u are doing well and will post an update soon. Take care always survivor 🙂

  8. Dear Steve, I hope you and Jen had a nice holiday. I am wishing that you feel healthy and that you have more and more energy each day. Feel good and I hope you are able to keep up with your studies.

  9. So happy you were home for Thanksgiving. Heard Jen made a great turkey dinner. Glad you are both home together. Now you can catch up on some needed sleep without any interruptions!! Love you both.

  10. thank you for your blog
    My 17 year old son Jordan has just relapsed after 1 year and we have just started the ICE, harvested (enough for 5 transplants) and then do transplant in January. We are scared but your story has given us hope. So thanks for showing us the way and I hope every day you will be a little bit stronger .

  11. Way to get out alive. Enjoy sleeping through the night. I still have post traumatic issues and I’m 3.5 years out. Rest up, you got a big life ahead of you

  12. Hi Son, so happy you are home where you belong with Jen and recouping. It’s a new year approaching, with new immune system, some new friends, your current friends and family and lot’s of love coming your way! Love you both……..Mom and Joe

  13. Happy Hanukkah. This is a time of miracles and that’s what you are, a genuine miracle and inspiration. So glad you’re home where you belong. Love to you and Jen.

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