Knowledge turns monsters into to-do lists

Although this story has a sad ending, there is a silver lining and a good message.

Tom Music shared his story through Ignite, a series of talks that are shared online about a variety of subjects. Kind of TED talks lite.

Tom was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2008. His presentation is a description of the fears he felt and the process of being diagnosed with cancer. He not only describes lymphoma with clarity, but he also describes the feeling of empowerment you feel as a patient as the process of fighting cancer gets demystified. I think this is an important lesson on how to manage your fears during such difficult times.

Unfortunately, Tom lost his battle with lymphoma just this past week. However, his message lives on and will continue to inspire and inform other lymphoma patients for years to come.


2 responses to “Knowledge turns monsters into to-do lists

  1. Interesting, fun, and captivating. Thanks.

  2. I start eshap treatment this week after 8 months of abvd only put me in remission for 3 months .. Maybe less .
    I am scared as hell about this . I know I need to do 4 lots of chemo and a stem cell transplant and then followed by radio . Your blog offers me some comfort . I doubt the British National Health Service are going to provide the level of room luxury as yours though !!
    I was sick as a dog through abvd and expect this to be no different . Any tips for sickness ?
    Hope you are feeling much better now and the bloody thing stays away for you.
    Bristol uk

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