UCLA documentary

Below is a link to a short video about the team of doctors who run the Lymphoma Center at UCLA.

Dr. Pinter Brown is my oncologist.

I have also been seen by Dr. Eredat, Grace Cherry and others.

I walk these hallways all the time. I sit in those chairs. I have been the person in the room more times than I can count.

I am extremely grateful that this video was produced and I have a way of sharing some of my experience with all of you. Also, it gives a lot of insight into how UCLA treats lymphoma and how the entire process works.


Be well.


2 responses to “UCLA documentary

  1. Sounds like a great bunch of people. Be well buddy!

  2. Steve, Thanks for sharing the video. I really feel with all my heart that UCLA is one of the best places for treatment. I am grateful every day for that.
    Sorry that the cancer is not on our schedule. Very frustrating and I find myself wishing that the cancer was aware that we have a schedule and we need to stick to it. Somehow it seems to have it’s own timetable.
    I am so looking forward to you and Jen being on the other side of this “pesky” bullshit. I think of you both every fucking day.
    As always sending so much love and support and so grateful to have you both in my life.

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