Heroes pt. 2

With the recent uproar about the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood, I’d thought I’d share a couple of links.

Firstly, according to the Foundation, they cut off funding to Planned Parenthood because PP was under investigation. If that were true, they would also have cut off funding to Penn State and many other institutions under investigation.



More importantly, you should take the time to watch this brave, brave woman’s video demonstrating why health care issues shouldn’t be based on politics or religion – but humanism. Linda from Vegas is a hero in my book.

She’s brave enough to tell her story. Are you brave enough to listen to what cancer is and is not?


3 responses to “Heroes pt. 2

  1. wow, Steve. Thank you so much for sharing this clip – I have chills after watching this brave brave woman. She is my hero on this weekend of superbowl hype.

  2. Good for her!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s poignant, brave, and to the point. xo

  3. I 100% agree – cutting off funds was completely wrong. Go Get ’em!!

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