Why this blog?

(How many of you just thought that I got married and then got fat? Seriously?)

I love you all.

And apparently, you are quite fond of me too.

But boy, keeping in touch with everyone…especially during those first few days, has been intense. I want everyone to know that I am okay…but Facebook, ichat, texting, phone calls, visitors and everything else is like a full time job. I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many loving, caring people. I had to figure out some way to streamline the communication.

The good thing is, I’ll have little else to do but hang out on my computer and pass the days away getting better – so lots of time to communicate. The bad thing is, I often won’t have the energy to keep in touch with everyone individually.

So check here often. Sign up for the RSS feed. Start shopping around my book/movie rights and I’ll give you a handsome cut. And we will stay in touch.

And its not all about me, you know. I want to see your baby pictures, hear about your jobs and let me know about any great new music I should be listening to.

Then come over for a green tea and some Wii.

Thanks again for all the support. It blows my mind that I have to create a website to keep in touch with so many of you. I’m blessed.


7 responses to “Why this blog?

  1. Geoff and Candy

    Hi Steve, we often think about you over here and send our love and best wishes to you and Jennifer.

    I personally find it hard to imagine what you are going through, notwithstanding the graphic ongoing account you are giving us, and I also find it hard to make comments about how well you are doing because I really don’t know how I would react under the same circumstances. But I admire you for trying to turn this into as positive an experience as you can.

    I think I have been more able than ever before to understand and empathise with people with cancer because of your blog, and I think it should almost be required required reading for people and families facing what you are going through at this time.

    Of course, we wish you the very best, and a Great Big Happy Birthday! We look forward to seeing you and Jen soon.

    We love you both! Geoff & Candy.

  2. I just came across your blog today as a link from Jen’s. I couldn’t figure out how to send you a message directly and so I sent it through Jen’s website. I hope that you have a chance to read it, as it’s addressed to both of you. We are thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and strength.

  3. I woke up this morning and I was thinking of you. No not that kind of wake up dream….but I was thirilled to read your post that your 1/3 smaller. the tumor I mean. I’ve been laying low for a month or so and not been doing much. I hope you keep your spirits up. so far so good I mean what a bitch i mean excellent job – luv to you!

  4. This is a great site. Thanks for all the useful info.
    I myself just got diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 29th and started my chemo treatment on June 2nd so I’m just a couple months behind you.
    I cannot believe how similar our situations are. I was misdiagnosed for 6 months as well with things like with bronchitis and pneumonia. My cough wasn’t getting any better after antibiotics so I finally asked my Dr for a chest x-ray which showed a huge mass in the upper left part of my chest. My PET scan showed a smaller one in my neck.
    I’ve only had 2 chemo treatments as of right now. My next one is coming up this Thursday.
    I look forward to reading your blog as you continue on your journey.
    Best of luck to you,
    Annie Macy

    • Annie.
      Good luck to you, too. And thanks for the kind words about the blog – I found it the best way to share information with friends and family and now it’s brought some fellow cancer patients as well.
      I’ve been hearing this kind of misdiagnosis story from a lot of cancer patients. And when I told my doctor’s about my final diagnosis they acted like “Oh, we should have thought of that.”
      My advice to you is to not stop fighting – fight for your health care, fight for good information, make sure you know about all your options when it comes to prescriptions. Even now, a couple months into my treatment, there is still a lot of confusing information that goes back and forth with the doctors. You really need to stay on top of it all.
      And remember that this will pass. I know people that are just a couple of treatments ahead of me and I’m happy they are there to give me added strength on the tougher days.
      I’m happy to be here for you. Keep in touch.



    No baby pictures to send, but let’s talk music! There’s a few songs by The Rapture that I really like: http://www.myspace.com/therapture

    I really dig the newest Mos Def album, too: http://www.myspace.com/mosdef

    Not too excited about the new Pink Martini album, but a few tracks are great. For some reason I’ve been digging Nick Drake lately. I used to shrug him off as “hippie music” that my ex-girlfriend loved, but I appreciate his songwriting more and more. Dig it!

    We miss ya, Fool. Happy listening.

  6. I logged back on upon my return from hospital. Love reading your blog.. I was misdiagnosed for reactive depression!! I have the non variety, and was stage 4 by the time I got treatment. and yes ask your doctors everything…check what drugs they are giving you. one morning the nurse missed a pred. tablet. i will be checking back in regularly as you inspire me.

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