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Dream come true

The Suicide King

The Suicide King

I got my wish – BBQ at Baby Blues in Venice.

And on a Phillies plate.

Best day since I got diagnosed so far.

Thanks Diane and Jen and cousin John.


BBQ on my mind



At 9am in the morning while on my way to Westwood UCLA hospital for a comprehensive PET scan, what’s the one thing I’m thinking about? Sweet, delicious, luscious BBQ from Baby Blues in Venice.

Maybe its the 12 hours of starvation before the test. Or maybe its the 3 cups of Barium. Or could it be the radioactive isotopes they inject into me. But mmmm mmmm…I could really go for some BBQ today.

Talked to the ambulance drivers. The radioactive technicians. The nurses. Anyone who would listen. Hoping someone would slip me some pulled pork or BBQ chicken or mac and cheese topped off in the broiler.

BBQ – that’s motivation.

444 Lincoln Blvd
Venice CA  90291

Tell them I’ll see them soon.