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New developments for cancer patients

A lot of interesting new research and support for cancer patients has come across my computer recently. It is a good reminder that there is always something new around the corner – some new development, new drug, new reason for hope. I posted some of the links the other day. Here’s some more:

  • New cancer app to link patients to doctors, doctors to doctors, doctors to research and so on. This could be a big help when trying to find your way through all the treatments, research, clinical trials and information that gets thrown around. Right now it is only for melanoma patients…but, if it is effective, I see no reason why this won’t be expanded for all types of cancer. Melanoma app
  • Interview with Doctor Anas Younes about 2 new drugs that are in clinical trials for Hodgkin’s patients. Exciting news about SGN-35 and LBH-589. Interview with Dr. Anas Younes
  • If you are a Lymphoma patient, you should be following Dr. Anas Younes anyway. He is a valuable resource and a great doctor. We contacted him directly with some questions and he got back to us right away – pretty amazing for such a busy man. https://twitter.com/#!/dranasyounes

As for me, I’m grooving along. Started grad school last week. Already lots of reading and assignments to do. I’m looking forward to being more involved this semester and squeezing as much out of the experience as I can.

My counts are still low, but not critical. I still get tired in the middle of the day. There’s still a lot for Jen and I to celebrate and I’m enjoying going out more and spending more time with friends. As always, life is a series of ups-and-downs and a lot of people I know are going through some pretty difficult times. I’m glad I have the energy to walk along beside them instead of being cooped up with my cancer.

Be well.