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30 year olds shouldn’t play football

Me leaving two-hand touch football game. Circa 2006.

2006 - Steve Dickter's two-hand touch football career ends.

I ache.

The Neupogen shots go straight to the bones. Only a few minutes after getting my shot, my shoulder starts to ache. And my back. And my hips. I’m still up and about but I feel like I want to lay on a bed-sized heating pad.

However, I am not as sore as after the last time I played football.

About 3 years ago (4?), a bunch of us got the bright idea to play 2 hand touch football on a Sunday afternoon. I remember watching my dad play flag football when I was a little boy. A couple weekends a year, he’d go out with a bunch of other not-in-top-shape accountants and play organized games. Being so young, I didn’t realize at the time that he was freakin’ crazy.

A couple of the other guys had played football in high school. One guy wore cleats. That should have been a bad sign. Another guy brought oranges. Yeah, like eating an orange was going to save me.

I hurt so bad after that Sunday playing football that I couldn’t get out of bed. I pulled my thighs, calves, ribs, arms, head and everything else. I couldn’t lift my leg to get into my car. I couldn’t walk. I felt terrible about it until I talked to another friend – a friend who is in better shape than me – and he told me he couldn’t get his leg to go from gas pedal to brake. Then I didn’t feel as bad about myself…emotionally, not physically.

So I feel slightly better today than I did that day, which is a relief.

And all of this reminds me that I have to start making plans for when I don’t ache anymore. I don’t think I’ll be up for football for quite some time.

So, Thanksgiving Paintball anyone?

Me. You. Celebrating the holidays.

Me. You. Celebrating the holidays.