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NFL Draft

Fly Eagles Fly

Fly Eagles Fly

In other news, the Philadelphia Eagles bolstered their roster with some key pickups in this year’s draft. If only my chemo was going to take me through Fantasy Football season instead of baseball season (sigh).

Jeremey Maclin in the first round – adding more depth to the WR corp.

LeSean McCoy as Westbrook’s prodigy. Explosive and quick. A great compliment to the Eagles running game.

Cornelius Ingram at TE. Although the Birds didn’t have too much trouble in this area, it’s always nice to give McNabb more targets.

A lot of attention on the offense through the first 5 rounds. But Philly.com provides a good overall review of the draft:

But from a football standpoint, it’s hard not to like what the Eagles have accomplished. It’s hard not to be excited about the free agents they signed, the trades they made, and the players they drafted.

The one thing McNabb and the fans have always agreed on is that the Birds needed to get their quarterback some help. A body to catch the ball. Another to carry it. A few more to block. The Eagles have addressed all that and more. I’m not sure if it’s capitulation or mere coincidence (probably the latter), but it doesn’t really matter.

Even better: they didn’t trade out of the first round.

For my Philly friends and family – Fly Eagles Fly.

For the rest of you, more depressing cancer stuff soon. Hope you weren’t let down by this post.