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Helpful and Inspirational

For all of you new to the Hodgkin’s Journey – or old friends with Mr. Hodgkins – I thought I’d post some links and info that you might find helpful.

For inspiration – follow the story of Ethan Zohn. A true cancer fighter and survivor, even when faced with Hodgkin’s relapse: Ethan Zohn, Cancer Hero: What does his cancer’s recurrence really mean?

We all struggle with what to say to those who are sick. Even as someone living with cancer, I am still at a loss for words as to what to say to support others. Here’s some advice about what not to say: ‘You Look Great’ and Other Lies

The latest treatments available to Hodgkin’s patients are all listed in this article – very insightful: Novel Treatments to Watch For

Marrow Donor Programs. If you are well, go get tested. If you are looking for information, these sites are very helpful.

A new friend passed these forms onto me from Premiere Oncology. Although I’ve never had contact with this organization, I am impressed by their organization of useful information for cancer patients living in the Los Angeles area, and abroad. Support groups, information for those uninsured and financial assistance information for patients and caregivers – Premiere Oncology helpful forms

Clinical – Because your doctors don’t always know what is going on in every trial and there are more treatment options every day. Be your own advocate. 

Hope it helps in some way. Feel free to add your own resources and links in the comments section.