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One third

I am 1/3 of the way there.

4 of 12 chemo treatments done.

My tumor is 1/3 of its original size in volume.

I just ate 1/3 of a tub of ice cream to celebrate.

I had a CT scan (now with contrast!) on Thursday and Dr. Klein called me with the results on Friday. He was excited. I was excited that he was excited.

See how excited Dr. Klein is!

See how excited Dr. Klein is!

My tumor has shrank by 1/3 of its size. He said he would show me the first CT scan to compare it with this one. He said that originally, my tumor was “huge”. That’s a quote. That’s the word he said. He never said that to me before. My 2nd opinion doctor told me it was large…and he’s seen a lot of tumors. But no one used the word ‘huge’ before.

But its not ‘huge’ anymore. It’s 1/3 the size of ‘huge’. It’s a little less than ‘hug’.

Dr. Klein also told me that I don’t have any blood clots – that the shrinking tumor has allowed my vascular system to open up…except for one spot where it is still pinched. So I’m not out of the ‘Reduced Blood Flow’ woods yet. But I won’t have to have any surgery or treatment for blood clots if things continue to clear up in this way.

This is all good news. Sorry – great news. This news gives me renewed strength to keep fighting the good fight.

Remember – the size of the tumor is not an exact sign of me being cancer free. I still have to pass a PET scan and be PET NEGATIVE. That will mean I’m in remission and cancer free. I’m not sure when my next PET scan will be. One step at a time…

The next step is for me to get my ‘port’ put in on Monday. That way I won’t have to get chemo in my arms which causes me discomfort and phlebitis. And is also a huge pain in the ass because – although my attitude has improved – I am sick and tired of getting IV’s put in my arms. I think my veins are onto this whole process and they are making things more difficult as things continue.

And some more good news – which isn’t really news because it was always a fact, I just didn’t realize it – My last chemo is October 1st. Which means I’ll be done with this whole process around Thanksgiving. For some reason, I’ve been telling everyone that I have chemo until November 1st. Because apparently one of the side effects is reducing the patient’s ability to tell time.

October 1st is last chemo, then rest period, then radiation, the Santa brings presents to good girls and boys.

And here I’ll say sorry for the downer posting last time…it was my birthday and I felt sick as a dog and I was more focused on the part of me that felt like crap rather than the part of me that was getting better. I’m going to have those days when I hate this process. And I’m going to have those days when I see nothing but blue skies ahead. It’s a boxing match…some times I’m up against the ropes.

Me - Every other Thursday through Monday

Me - Every other Thursday through Monday

Today I’m having a blue sky day.


Round 2

Guess which one is me and which one is Hodgkin's Disease? (Clue: I'm eating a lot right now)

Guess which one is me and which one is Hodgkin's Disease? (Clue: I'm eating a lot right now)

A quick update on how I’ve been feeling: good.

I realized this morning that I don’t have any of the pain behind my eyes that I was living with for 6 months. My constant headache has gone away. My energy is up. I’m sleeping better and not waking up with a swollen head.

My arm still hurts from the phlebitis and my right eye is still droopy from pressure on my nerve.

But overall, I weathered chemo pretty good and stayed healthy. Some people have a really difficult time with their first round, so this is a good sign.

The doctor told me early on that chemotherapy was like a boxing match. Round 1 you come in with all your energy and you get beat up a little. You stay in for the next few rounds, every time getting beat up more and more. Each round gets harder and harder but you have to stay in the fight.

He didn’t mention whether or not chemotheraphy is fixed the same way as boxing. Nor did he have 3 foot hair.

Not my doctor. But I kind of wish he was.

Not my doctor. But I kind of wish he was.

So I am resting up this week getting ready for round 2. Which happens on Thursday. And every other Thursday after that until November 1st.

I’m cutting a 6th figure deal with HBO to put my chemotherapy on pay per view.